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Do you love shopping online? Do you consider yourself smart when it comes to finances? Do you know all the tricks to save money with online shopping?

Do you know how you cannot pay shipping costs? Do you know where to find the best discount codes?

In any case, here you will find a quick recap of all the tricks to keep in mind when choosing what to buy in a single – brand online store or multi-brand e-commerce and decipher if the cost of the clothes is the lowest you can find and if you can buy online without failing size and, of course, in safety. Here are the cyber monday shopping tips for you.

How to choose well and spend less when buying clothing online

Be certain of the sizes. The number 1 rule for successful online shopping and knowing your measurements. This handy guide gives some quick but detailed instructions on how to tell if the size of online jeans or sneakers is the right ones.

Also, be careful when navigating on online clothing sites because most indicate what size the model or model is wearing in the photo and what its measurements are.

This detail is really useful because you have an element of comparison from which to start to determine the size you need and that you will certainly dress to perfection. Making returns and returning goods (although the procedures are now excellent and fast) is always something boring to do and even if it will make you lose time.

Shop online for e-commerce that offer free shipping and first free returns

It is simply ridiculous to pay for these services. There are so many sites that now offer both shipping and return of goods for free that spending for these services really doesn’t make any sense or advantage.

Many e-commerce companies come to the shopping-lover giving away the shipment if they reach a total amount in the shopping cart or reset the shopping after the first purchase or offer a shopping coupon to be used for the new collection.

There are so many options so take your time to find the best price and the best online service. Among the favorites of fashion lovers there are obviously Amazon, You, Calando, Kirby, ASOS. And where do you usually go shopping online to keep on trend?

Save time and money by requesting shipping at a store in the store

This idea is one of the most ingenious that the shops have implemented to optimize returns on the one hand and, at the same time, make customers happy who do not have to pay the shipping costs of what they bought online and, for example, the size or the fit in general does not go well, they can leave in the store the purchase that will take care of the return.

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