Treyarch Announces Yet More Call of Duty: Black Ops Content!

Get your guns ready and set your calendars to June 28th!

Didn’t we just get a Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack?  Didn’t it have four new levels and the coolest zombies level to date, what with George Romero, Buffy, Freddy, Rooker and Trejo and all?  Wasn’t that just a month ago?  All correct but Treyarch is not a company to rest on it’s laurels while waiting for Infinity Ward’s anticipated Modern Warfare 3 to make people forget Black Ops even came out, no sir!  It has recently been announced that June 28th, the Annihilation Map Pack comes out, containing four more multiplayer maps and a new zombie level (thanks for the tip, Crazy Legs C!).  Though it seems quick, this is a smart move on Treyarch’s part, giving the community more stuff faster to sate their voracious appetites but also increasing the playability of a game that’s been out for almost a year now…. and they’ll make piles of money by doing it.  Details are leaking out slowly but the four maps are Hanger 18, a drive in, a silo and something called Hazard, as well as a new zombie level.  Here’s what we know so far about each:

Hanger 18 takes place in the infamous government alien hideout and Treyarch promises a lot of Easter Eggs to be found on this medium-sized map.  Reminiscent of Escalation’s Stockpile, the action in Hanger 18 seems centered on holding down the main hanger with several points of egress for the attackers to breach.    It looks like it should appeal to all gamer types, be it run-and-gun or sniping.

The Silo takes place in a Soviet underground nuclear missile silo and is promised to be one of the biggest maps in the game.  According to Treyarch, the map favors people who like to take it slow due to multiple flank routes and interconnected paths.  Many sniper perches and choke points are evident in the trailer and plenty of high spots for you to get the drop on your opponents.  Quite a few “where did I get shot from?” moments are assured.

The Drive-In is sure to be almost everyone’s favorite because Treyarch has stated it was developed due to the overwhelming popularity of Nuketown and they wanted to give players a similar feel.  Close, claustrophobic and enemies everywhere was the hallmark of Nuketown and the Drive-In seems no different.  Small map, wide-open areas and the drive-in itself will ensure many a frenzied battle and plenty of complaining that it never comes up in Ground War.

Hazard is a complete re-imagining of an old Call of Duty: World at War map called “Cliffside” except this time it’s a golf course!  Treyarch has stated this is one of the only maps that favors long-distance engagements so snipers be ready!  The middle of the map is all fairway so sticking to the edges of the map and holding choke points seem to be the way to go unless you love camping.  If you’re that guy, this map was made for you.

Zombies takes place in Shangri La and it’s a lush environment, chock full of traps, secret escape routes, holding areas and new ways to get around the map.  What has been shown so far seems cool but not much has been said on this zombie pack yet and it’s going to take a lot to beat Call of the Dead.  We’ll wait until the zombie-specific trailer to make any decision on that but zombie levels are always huge and fun so I foresee no enjoyment problems here.

Treyarch admits to wanting to push the visual look of these new maps and from what the trailers have shown everything looks stellar but of course more footage will be available before roll-out.  For most of us, it’s a treat knowing even more multi-player content is going to be available and so quickly.   Get your guns ready and set your calendars to June 28th!

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