Rewind This! Come show your VHS love!

VHS-inspired art to raise money for a VHS documentary. Tape-lovers unite!

Some people adore vinyl records.  A smaller crowd loves the 8-Track.  And a dedicated few children of the 80s are really, really into VHS tapes.  If you’re one of those few, or know someone who is, or just want to find out who the hell these crazy folks are, then this event is for you!

On February 4, the Rio Rita Cafe is hosting REWIND THIS: THE ART OF VHS, showcasing local artists and their VHS-themed art.  All work on display is available for purchase, and the proceeds will go towards funding for the VHS documentary Rewind This, being produced by Austin’s IFP Productions. 

Check out their Facebook page for more information, including DJs and featured artists (like CMDS’s own Lady L!).

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