Duke Nukem Forever and ever and ever.

We all thought that finally the Duke was put in his grave for realizies. We thought too soon.

Okay, a little bit of history for the homeschooled.   Way back in the day shooters ruled video games.  They kind of still do, but back then they were top dog.  I’m talking about the original Doom days, like late 80’s and early 90’s.  And with every success there is the inevitable satire.  In this case, it was Duke Nukem.

He was an over the top chauvinist that shot anything moving.  It was great fun.   The first one came out in 91, and a few follow-ups and sequels were released until 1996.  And then there was silence.  For almost 10 years the Duke Nukem site said the latest game, Duke Nukem Forever was “coming soon.”  In fact, Wired gave Nukem the prestigious Vaporware award almost every year.  Personally I think it should have been re-named the Duke Nukem Vaporware award.

Then, out of now where, you could even say suddenly, the developer ran out of money (or they couldn’t convince anyone else to “invest” in the Duke) and had to close its doors.  We all thought that finally the Duke was put in his grave for realizies.

We thought too soon.

Duke Nukem Forever is now officially the Game that Will Never Die.

This year Gearbox and Take-two Interactive bought Duke Nukem Forever and even gave it a release date.  Which is 90% more than it had before.    You can read more about it here.

You can count on the Monkeys to give you the skinny when and if it actually gets released.


If the guys from BORDERLANDS are behind this, and they are, it will be well worth the investment. Hell, thanks to Xbox Live, we still play DUKE NUKEM 3D! I say, bring it on! Now, a new SERIOUS SAM….

Posted September 11, 2010 06:09 pm
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