Champions On-Line goes F2P

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “free to play, doesn’t that mean it sucks now?” No…

Champions Online, a MMO about being a super hero based on the Champions RPG, has gone free to play.

Back in 09, I was a big part of the testing process for Champions to make sure it didn’t suck.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “free to play, doesn’t that mean it sucks now?”

No, it just means fewer people have money to pay for a game so publishers are moving to a different model- f2P.  They put central part of the game out there for free, but if you want to do the advanced stuff or make some changes, you’ll have to pay.  Lord of the Rings Online was the first major western game to move to this model.  After posting record revenues and subscription increases, expect more MMO’s to follow this model.

You can check out more and sign up for free play here:  http://www.champions-online.com/f2p

If you’re already a monthly subscriber or have a lifetime account, your settings remain unchanged.  You get all the same access you’ve had this whole time, plus access to the new stuff the F2P’ers will have to pay for.

See you in the skys over Millennium City!

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