Black Ops Double XP Weekend

From noon, March 4 (tomorrow) through noon, March 7 (Monday) it is double experience weekend!

Ok, so you went out and paid $60 for a game for your Xbox 360 (or Wii or Ps3 -whatever) in November and you’ve been playing the hell out of it because it was $60 and a pretty good game but you wake up today and realize it’s March.  You’ve had the game now for almost half a year and the only thing you had to count on for variety was downloadable content, which you know is more expensive than say the four new maps and a zombie level you received.  Still fun, I know, but what have you got to look forward to until the next downloadable pack (if it ever comes out even)?  Well, the good folks at Treyarch, makers of Call of Duty: Black Ops (the #1 played game on Xbox Live) understand your frustration and have decided that from noon, March 4 (tomorrow) through noon, March 7 (Monday) it is double experience weekend!  This means every action you take in the game is worth more experience to your character.

Have you hit Prestige and not gone on because it’ll take forever to hit the max of Prestige 15 (remember, it takes 51 levels to hit a Prestige and there are 15 levels of prestige you can accomplish)?  Stopped playing because it takes so long to move up because you’re level 40 and the XP requirement for 41 is ridiculous?  Have you taken a break to play other games that have been building up in your collection?  Well, no longer!  The last time we had a double XP weekend I didn’t play an insane amount and went up a full Prestige level – all 51 levels – just due to the fact that everything I did was worth more.  Kill a guy?  Double points.  Drive your RC car?  Double points.  Capture a territory?  Double points.  If you are beneath level 30, a good two hour play stint will make sure you achieve that mark.  If you’re over level 30, the same two hours will have you so close to Prestige you’ll be able to taste it, if not hit it entirely.  Put in a little more time and you’re level 30 again!

Not all games do this and even for Black Ops this is a rare treat.  If you play video games (and so many of our readers do) and own the Call of Duty: Black Ops, you should plan on running through the new maps again this weekend for a little while and reap the benefits of double experience on everything your character does.  You’ll have fun and be a lot further in the game.  Take advantage of this weekend because who knows when it’ll happen again.  You’ll see me on, I guarantee it.

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