Austin Books Labor Day Sale Begins!

Beginning today and lasting through Labor Day, Austin Books and Comics is putting on their Annual Labor Day Sale which is guaranteed to part you from way more cash than you feel comfortable with.

Beginning today and lasting through Labor Day (and beyond, according to a hot tip last night by owner Brad), Austin Books and Comics, located at 5002 North Lamar here in beautiful Austin, Texas, is putting on their Annual Labor Day Sale which is guaranteed to part you from way more cash than you feel comfortable with.  I have attended every one of these sales since 2002 and every year they escalate to new heights of ridiculousness and awesome.  This year, there is so much stuff on sale they rented an adjunct space just down the road at 5400 N. Lamar (formerly Laboratory Computers) to handle the bulk of the sale items but for those of you who love the flagship store do not fret – the new comics are still there and back issues are 50% off (including variant and incentive covers) as well as 25% off all statues and busts so a trip to the main store is assured.  The real meat, however, is contained in the new location and, having gone to the sneak preview last night, I am in a position to tell you you want to make a trip this weekend when you can.

To break it down:

50-90% off select graphic novels (more close to 50% but some excellent stuff indeed).

Clearance toys and action figures.

A huge Manga sale with some insane incentives: buy 1 get 1;  buy 4 get 5;  buy 10 get 15 and up…

Row upon row upon row upon row upon row of $1 comics.

Usually, I am graphic novel-centered at these events and I did pick up a copy of Bring On the Bad Guys for $12, which gives the origins of some of the greatest Marvel villains, but this year the bulk of my meager cash supply went to the dollar comics and just on a fluke at that.  I was looking at a Doctor Strange vs. Dracula TPB for $7 and bemoaning the fact I had every issue contained therein except Doctor Strange 14 which I had been looking for forever.  I figured I’d check the dollar section for it, even though in previous years they had not, not even in the regular section, so it was with very little hope that I hit the “D” box only to find…Doctor Strange 14!  Ok, I figure, what else do they never have that I’m looking for?  Marvel’s 1970 Frankenstein series… Bam!  5 issues.  Now it was time to get serious.  How many SPIRIT comics are available, and I do not mean the crappy new ones – Will Eisner, my friends.  Now, they’re never gonna have the Spirit for a dollar…. unless you count the Spirit Dailies Vol.1 which re-prints the first 93 strips and Volume 2 which continues with the next 200 plus a copy of Kitchen Sink’s #48 for some late 40’s thrills.  After that it was a non-stop blur of old Daredevil’s with the Black Widow, some vintage Marvel Premier, Spotlight and Team-Up’s, a few Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales and a couple Giant Sized Man-Thing’s featuring Howard the Duck (also featuring the greatest comic book title of all time but I digress).  I got out of there for around $40 but it could have easily been a few hundred.  We even brought Ghost Hunter Todd along and, though not a hardcore comic fan, he purchased a Battle of the Planets TPB and enjoyed himself immensely.

Austin Books and Comics Labor Day Sale is one of the do-not-miss events of the year and continues through Labor Day and beyond.  Today until 7, Saturday from 10-7, Sunday 12-6 and Monday 11-7 with new stuff being added all weekend as well as the aforementioned goodies means a lot of material to sort through and embrace.  Many times in the past I have made multiple trips so your chances of seeing me there again are very good.  A big shout out to Brad and all the hard-working staff at Austin Books for continuing to do this every year and make a lot of comic and literature fans very happy and I encourage everyone to head down to either location and see what the best Labor Day Sale of the year looks like.  You have been warned.

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