ACW Live!

A card full of stipulation matches and an appearance by ROHer Jimmy Jacobs. Austin does Anarchy Championship Wrestling!

Professional Wrestling has changed quite a bit from when I grew up.  Territories were big business then with major talent circulating around the country to every region.  Now, the WWE pretty much dominates the U.S. scene,  TNA does the best it can with whatever talent is left, ROH has snapped up most of the good independent talent and DGUSA wisely relies on the Japanese stars that made its home promotion famous.  All is not lost, however, as many areas do have tiny independent leagues that run shows with a bunch of people you’ve never heard of (and may never again) while occasionally bringing in some more nationally known guys.  It just so happens Austin, Texas has one of those small leagues called Anarchy Championship Wrestling.   They have been running shows here for quite a while and do manage to bring in people you want to see to supplement the people you don’t, really.  ACW has another plan to get you interested in what they have to offer and this time it’s interesting enough that I thought we should give it some press. On Sunday, January 16, 2011, ACW is presenting Guilty by Association 5 at Mohawk on 912 Red River in Austin at 6pm and the card features the usual “Who?” line-up but, as I stated earlier, ACW knows how to part you from your $10 General Admission money ($15 Reserved Front Row).  It turns out that every match listed on the card is some bizarro stipulation match which should quickly help you overcome any apathy you have toward the unknown wrestlers.  To begin, two guys you’ve never encountered are doing a Taipei Death Match, where both competitors dip taped fists in broken glass and then go to town.  Next, Rachael Summerlyn (who is a name) will wrestle Athena in 10,000 thumbtacks!  Thumbtack matches are pretty rare and girls wrestling in thumbtacks even rarer so this should wake the crowd up.  ACW is not done by a long shot either.  Two more guys you could care less about will attempt to make you interested by contesting for some belt in a No-Rope Barbed Wire extravaganza.  The follow up match?  Two more young ladies, Poison and Portia Perez (another name) will fight in a Dog Collar Match.  Yes, you heard it right.  Two girls in thumbtacks, two girls attached at the neck by 10′ of steel chain!  And it’s not over yet!  ROH and DGUSA alumnus and hell of a nice guy (and one hell of a wrestler) JIMMY JACOBS returns to Austin to fight some guy named Masada for the Hardcore Championship.  Had Mr. Jacobs been on the card with nothing else special it would be reason to go but adding stipulations to matches you could care less about really raises the attractiveness of this card.  There’s a world Title match also with stipulations to be announced and four more matches we’ve received no word on but who cares?  What they’ve advertised alone is worth $10 to see what it’s all about.

Don’t be fooled by Anarchy’s website, which lists the event as 2010.  It’s actually 2011 and the show hasn’t happened yet.  Which means you should go.  Independent wrestling does need support and if they’re willing to make their nobodies wrestle in glass and tacks to drum up support then I see no reason not to go and watch the carnage.  Who knows?  You may indeed see tomorrow’s superstar today, be turned on to a style of wrestling you never expected and, at the very least, get your money’s worth by viewing what seems to be the potential for massive carnage.

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