Cosmos Top Ten Albums for 2010.

Cosmo lays out his Top Ten for 2010

1. The National High Violet:

The sound of growing up and growing stagnant, while resisting to settle on your laurels has never sounded so epic.

2. The Arcade Fire The Suburbs:

Nostalgia, longing and reflection are all themes behind this epic concept album about growing up, and the reality that you can never return back home. 3. Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy:

Elton John Piano solos, King Crimson samples, epic production(s). I give him props for kicking the ass of a tired and severely clichéd genre we call modern Hip Hop.

4. Robert Plant Band of Joy:

The Golden God has always kept it real, this time choosing to tour small clubs and venues with a fantastic backing band versus a multi-million dollar reunion tour with Led Zeppelin, plus Band of Joy is his most satisfying release in years. 5. Bruce Springsteen The Promise:

Not really a new release per say but a collection of unreleased outtakes from The Darkness on the Edge Of Town recording sessions, its Springsteen from ’78 what else do you need to know?

6. Band of Horses Infinite Arms:

Lead singer Ben Bridwell all but reformed the Band of Horses prior to the release of Infinite Arms without missing a beat, and writing some of his most affecting anthems yet. 7. LCD Soundsystem This is Happening:

So why is this not in the top 5? Well, it’s great, we can’t deny that, however James Murphy might have gone a little bit overboard with the track lengths, thus resulting in a somewhat drawn out listening experience.

8. Cee Lo Green The Lady Killer:

Making profanity into pop-art has never sounded so rad! 9. Yeasayer Odd Blood:

2010 was the yea r for the Brooklyn hipster, and these guys are pretty hipster, but I forgive them.

10. MGMT Congratulations:

A song about Brian Eno, and a big middle finger to all those annoying “Kids” adoring fans, plus the sound of Bossanova-era Pixies on more acid and less Kool-Aid.

So there we are friends, 2010 has proved to be a hell of a year for music, the best year in quite sometime. So 2011, what do you have for us?

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