A band that channels the best of Metallica (when they were cool) and the Beatles (when they were fab). The only thing that could make them better? If they ragged on Dokken – AND THEY DO!!!

Moptop Metal.  There may be no better term to describe the mash-up band Beatallica.  The band started out with a simple EP, recorded for the “Spoof Fest” concert held annually in Milwaukee.  As their legend grew, they added two more members to become a full fledged live act, recorded a new album, and continue to travel the country (and the world).

The band consists of four members:  Jaymz Lennfield, Grg Hammettson, Kliff McBurtney, and Ringo Larz.  Grg is a recent addition to the band, as the original lead axe-man, Krk Hammettson, left the band to devote more time to his family.  Kliff McBurtney has also changed his appearance recently, and sometimes uses the name NeuKliff.

I can not say enough about how fucking awesome these guys are.  Any group of idiots can get together, throw a few songs in a blender and make a mash-up.  Beatallica, however, brings a level of genius to the mix.  Their attention to the details really sets them apart from other spoof bands you may have heard.  Rather than just take the tune from one song and lyrics from another, they blend the songs seamlessly – the lyrics are new, but in each song the lyrics are blended from songs from both bands, as are the tunes.  The music is played in a primarily Metal style, but with a definite Liverpool accent.  Licks and hooks are liberally lifted from both.  And then the boys add an element of humour that is both cerebral and juvenile (like the best metal).  For instance:  In the song “SandMan” (a mash of “Taxman” and “Enter Sandman”), Jaymz sings:

I’m the Sandman-with a metal beat
And I think that-Dokken’z fuckin’ weak
and later …
OHH! I am the beast under Don Dokken’z bed-(SANDMAN, fuckin’ Dokken!)
I’m in hiz closet, in hiz head-(SANDMAN, fuckin’ weak!)

This is a band that will primarily please other musicians . . . and that’s the second highest compliment I can give them!  . . . but fans of Metallica and some Beatles fans will really dig them as well.  And for the “purists” among you who think this in some way tarnishes the original music – GET AN F-ING LIFE!  What these guys do takes more creativity and talent than any cover or tribute band you willingly pay money to go see, reveling in your adoration of some arbitrary rendition of a song.  This is creativity, this is passion, this is FUN! And isn’t that what Rock is all about?

Beatallica doesn’t use samples.  Each song is hand-written, and then lovingly transferred to recording media via the ancient art of actually playing your fucking instrument

Beatallica does not sell CD’s (to avoid further legal complications), but they make all of their songs freely available on their website

Beatallica – this band is hardcore, balls-to-the-wall, CyberMonkey!  Sarcastic, bitter, angry . . . and they mock Dokken.  If you don’t like them, you suck!

Want to hear some now?  Just click below . . .

Sgt Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band
Leper Madonna
Hey Dude
I Want To Choke Your Band

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