Top 5 Games You Should Be Playing

Abraxas lists the top games you should be playing this Halloween.

Alright, so everyone else that writes about games is going to be telling you what the Top X scariest BLANK is.  But not me.  You know why?  It takes a lot to scare me in a video game, so most of them are pretty boring.   Instead, I’m gonna be giving you the top games you should be playing right now.    Well, top games you should be playing that are related to Halloween. 

5. House of the Dead.  Old school arcade action on rails!  There is one goal- shoot anything moving or looks like it needs to be shot.   You blast your way through endless hordes of zombies, monsters, and other gore-fest beasts using shotguns, pistols, and any other gun you can get your hands on.  If you get scared playing this game, you may be a 7 year-old. 

4. Silent Hill 2.  I stand by my earlier statements that this is the scariest game made to date.  I know what you’re thinking, “Abraxas, you just said you don’t get scared playing games.”  Yeah, I did say that and this game gets me every time.   Effective use of silence, stillness, and insanity combine to deliver a game that will make you want to play it in daylight with the lights on. 

3. Fatal Frame.  An PS2 release from back in the day, but still actually kind of scary.  You are a reporter investigating a haunted house or something.  I don’t really remember.   Anyway, here’s what I remember- the only way the ghosts can be stopped is to capture them on film.  You’ve got a camera and one roll of film. Good luck! 

2. Doom 3.  Once noted for being a resource-chewing hog, Doom 3 tried to set a standard for over the top awesome graphics.  I don’t think it became the landmark game it wanted to be, but it can make for a lot of shootie fun.  Staffed with demons and monsters from Hell, you swagger through as a space marine with only one goal; kill.  The jump-outs and loud noises will scare someone, I’m sure.  Maybe your home-schooled cousin that’s never been allowed outside, but hey, that counts as scary, right? 

1. <!–[endif]–>Left  4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2.    I included both games because they’re really the same game just with a different cast of characters.   Tron prefers the first game, and I prefer the second.  It’s all what you like, really.    It’s not so much scary, although you can get worked up hunting for Queens, as a lot of zombie blasting awesomeness.   I recommend playing on-line for the best experience. 

And there you have it.  The top 5 games to be playing this Halloween.    Don’t like the list?  Got something you think is better?  Put it in the comments below.


As always, you’re spot on but I would reverse SILENT HILL 2 and DOOM III on my list. I agree with your FATAL FRAME reference entirely. Some of those ghosts only appear once and you’ve got to be on the ball to capture their photo and some of those instances where you’re being attacked become pretty tense as you struggle to get the camera up and hope you have the right film in….

Posted November 04, 2010 12:11 am
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