Spreading the word about a webcomic that deserves your love.

This is the June 4th edition of the webcomic Wondermark:

Sheer genius.

You’ll have to excuse my hyperbole.  I only use it to indicate the depth of my love for this strip.  I only follow a few webcomics.  I”m always game to try new ones, but very few of them make an impression.  I have a limited amount of time to spend on them, so they have to make an impression, and make it quick, to keep me coming back.

And then there’s Wondermark.  The first few times I read it, I just wasn’t sure.  If you had asked me if I liked it, I wouldn’t have known how to answer.  But I kept coming back because… there was a nagging little itch in my brain telling me that awesome lived there.  It was an acquired taste.  Like coffee.

Most people who know me now are surprised to learn that, until I was in my 30’s, I despised coffee.  I could not understand why, or even how, people could stand to drink the foul brew.  I tried it on occasion, just to remind myself how much I despised it.  Yes, remind myself.  I sometimes forget things like this.  I’m not proud of that fact, but I’ve learned to live with it.  One night, a friend made a pot of coffee, a blend with just a hint of pecan in it, and I decided to try a cup.  We drank 2 pots that night.  I bought a coffee pot the next day.

I finally reached a point at which I understood coffee.  It clicked.  And that happened with Wondermark.  I knew something was there, I just wasn’t sure what it was.  I kept sampling, tasting, and then it happened.  I was clicking the random button (although there are a few threads of character development, most strips function well as stand alone pieces) and, like a vision of angels descending from on high, I was witness to the glory of… Piranhamoose.

Awesome indeed.  The t-shirt is pretty cool, too.

Wondermark is the work of David Malki !.  That is not a typo, by the way.  He actually spells his name David Malki !

He says the exclamation point is an honorific, and used in the same manner as “Jr.” or “PhD”.  Who am I to argue with the man?  He created Piranhamoose.

The comic has a unique look, as if you’re reading an antique comic strip that presciently channeled a 21st century sensibility.  The look is authentic.  David creates Wondermark from 19th century woodcuts and engravings.  The sensibility is all David.

If you like your humor a little dry and a lot twisted, go to Wondermark.com and read that one.  Then click the random button a few times.  Then add them to your rss feed.  You’ll thank me later.

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