Things Magnificent Bastard is diggin’ on – April 2009

What am I diggin’ on, you ask? Well, here ’tis.

It’s been a wild month here. The CyberMonkey crew made the trek to SXSW and did the press thing. And before we even got all of our SXSW footage processed and posted, Fett and Filmditz were dispatched to AFI Dallas, and they’re bringing back even more juice for you. We’ve been getting ready for our screening of Doctor Infierno, and our pre-screening party – Monkey Infierno! – which you, yes YOU, are invited to. But still, somewhere within all of that busy-ness, I have found things to dig on, and time to share those things with my minions. Yeah, that’s you again.

Streets of Blood trailer – The movie may or may not be any good, I’m leaning toward not. Val Kilmer? Love him. But then there’s Sharon Stone. And 50 Cent. So who knows? That’s not the point here. The point is that the trailer is awesome. The trailer is awesome? Hell yes. The trailer features the musical stylings of our favorite singer/songwriter, David Newbould, performing his song Hold Tight My Blood. Watch it so you can listen to it – it’s like a feast of the senses.

Miss Monster – Or as she’s known in more mundane circles, Melita Curphy. Miss Monster is one of the most exciting and original artists working in geek circles, specializing in (can you see this one coming?) monsters. She does sculptures, prints, T-shirts, jewelry, soap (I don’t usually go in for the whole gift soap thing, but this soap is so badass I’m thinking of buying it), shoes, and more. I’ve got a fighting monsters shirt that never fails to draw attention. We’ll be auctioning off some missmonster art at the Monkey Infierno! event, and you can check out her website (missmonster.com).

Frisky Dingo – I watched this Adult Swim series when it originally aired, and loved it. I’ve been thinking about it a bit obsessively recently, so I picked up the series again, and it’s honestly even better than I remembered it. It was created by Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, the creative team behind one of my other favorite animated series, Sealab 2021. Unlike Sealab, Frisky Dingo (no, the name means absolutely nothing) attempts to maintain a running storyline throughout the entire two seasons. The two main characters are Xander Crews, a billionaire playboy superhero revenging is dead parents (badly), and Killface, a seven foot tall hairless muscular humanoid something-or-other who is also a single father. And who wants to destroy mankind. At least at first. But that’s purely incidental. There is so much going on, and so many random twists and turns, that you just need to strap in and enjoy the ride. Obscure pop-culture references, long painful silences, hookers, clones, a flying fortress, an army of soldiers in robot suits. It’s sheer brilliance – if you have a more-than-slightly twisted sensibility. Like Me. BOOOSH!

Yella Fella – Well, not really. I hate Yella Fella. I’ve despised those commercials for years now. But the latest promotion by the YellaWood was a new high in bad that almost worked for me because it was ridiculous. If you haven’t sen what I’m talking about, you can watch all the “episodes” here, but it breaks down like this – much like the recent Jack In The Box commercial, they made an episodic commercial. But the YellaWood folks went all out – 8 episodes, musical openings and closings by Riders in the Sky, cliff hangers, location shots – so I respect it even as I detest it. Damn if it doesn’t grab my attention. But that doesn’t matter. I’m not digginit, so why is it here? Because what I am diggin’ is the thought that someone should make a Yella Fella movie. I’m not sure who. I’m opening the discussion – who do YOU think should direct? More important – WHY? Email me at MagnificentBastard@CyberMonkeyDeathSquad.com. The best entries will get a mention in a future column.

Cat Shit One – An upcoming animated series in Japan. Cat Shit One is loosely based on a 3 volume manga series that was released in the US as Apocalypse Meow. The animated series appears to have changed quite a bit, updating the action from the Viet Nam era to what appears to be a middle eastern conflict. So what’s so cool about it? The American soldiers are . . .rabbits. And not cartoon rabbits. Think high quality, rabbit-like, anthropomorphic rabbits. The apparent “bad guys” in the trailer are – wait for it – camels! I can’t accurately describe the levels of awesome that are involved here, so I’m just going to show you the trailer and let you soak it all in. The trailer is not sub-titled and it doesn’t matter! I must see this.

The Mighty Boosh – I had heard of this show several times, but never seen it. It was one of those things where I “heard” people talk about it, but no one ever specifically said to me “you should watch this, it’s amazing“, so I never sought it out.

On a side note, I was sitting in my seat before a movie at FantasticFest 2007, watching the typical pre-movie strangeness, and saw a strange clip involving a guy in a turban telling a story about a band that wandered in the desert looking for “the new sound”. It was strange, bizarre, and fascinating, and I had no idea what it was. I really wanted to know, but no one that was there seemed to notice or care, no one I told about it knew what it was. And I sort of forgot it. I saw it again – once – at FantasticFest 2008, same story – no idea what it was from, no one knew (turns out I didn’t ask Ailsa or James, they would have known!), and I sort of forgot.

So a few weeks ago, I’m doing some research on of all things Kevin Rowland, and come across a description of that scene. And it was a scene from The Mighty Boosh. OK, now you got me. I now have all three seasons of the show, and I’m watching them straight through. And yes, they are brilliant. Funny and surreal in a way only the Brits can pull off. It’s nothing like The Young Ones, yet I find myself relating it to that show only because my joy watching it reminds me of the discovery of The Young Ones so many years ago. It’s that good. The show is technically about something, but it’s not really. There’s a quasi-thematical story line in the first season where the boys work at a zoo, but that kinda like a frame around a painting. It’s important but it’s not at all the point. Just watch it. Take my word and watch it, like it’s something you found by accident and no one else knows about it, and enjoy the journey of discovery. You know, you don’t ALWAYS have to know about everything before you see it, you dirty dirty information junkies! You can currently catch episodes of the show on Adult Swim on Sunday nights.

And that’s all you get for now. I’ve got a busy week coming up – Stephen Lynch show tomorrow night, ringside seats for two (yes two) Ring of Honor shows, a screening of Wrath of Khan with 10 minutes of footage from Abrams new Trek film, a taping of Smackdown and ECW, and of course, the biggie – Monkey Infierno!. But of course, what we’re most excited about is our screening of Doctor Infierno, April 29th, at the Alamo Ritz. This is a don’t miss it event. Travel if you must. You can probably find a couch to crash on. It’s gonna be transcendent!

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