Colony and NXT Tonight!

Tron Dig’s On the second season of two TV shows. And they’re both on Tuesday. Coincidence?

Tuesday, of course, has become the night to watch television due to two completely different viewing experiences (both at 9 Central so be prepared to Tivo). Since I devoted a full article to one we’ll discuss the other first. NXT is WWE’s hottest new product since Monday Night Raw itself. Ostensibly a show to “break new talent,” NXT gathers up development wrestlers from WWE’s farm league Florida Championship Wrestling (ie. already under contract) and gives a “reality show” spin by pairing up “rookies” with some mid-card pros and eliminates them Survivor-style until the one remaining person gets a shot at whatever champion on whatever show they choose. Season 2 is under way and the cast is diverse, filled with Hall of Fame progeny like IRS’s and Mr. Perfect’s kids, breakout independent talent Low-Ki and up-and-comer Percy Watson (“Oh, yeah! Baby!) but the show is really being carried on the shocks and surprises of Season 1. American Dragon Bryan Danielson, ROH Legend, was the obvious winner and Wade Barrett, the eventual winner, were outstanding but the rest of those guys were handicapped by terrible. After all was said and done, the First Season cast showed up on Monday Night Raw and attacked John Cena and the surrounding ring crew in such a manner it got Danielson fired and gave RAW it’s most interesting storyline in ten years (even though it seems to be a complicated re-introduction of Triple H just to have him fight Cena yet again). Individually, those guys were awful but collectively the WWE has been able to cleverly hide their deficiencies and exemplify their strengths and to this day, those guys are still causing trouble as the Nexus every Monday night and even showed up to Season 2 where chaos erupted. With two cuts down and betrayals between pro and rookie, announcer attacks and random brawls between rookies, NXT is definitely heating up television and, much like the lamented Tough Enough (2001-2004), is one of the only “wrestling shows” my non-wrestling buddies will watch with great enthusiasm.

Tonight is also the second episode in Season 2 of The Colony. Our cast of nine worthless human beings and Retired Contractor Tom must survive another week of post-apocalyptic fun while completely ignoring any common-sense survival instincts they may possess. Thus far, the colonists have failed to fortify, completely surrendered to in-fighting and got their asses handed to them in the brawl of the century, suffering multiple abrasions, pepper spray damage and a loss of medical supplies. Tonight, the colonists attempt to make electricity and hunt for food amongst the natural wildlife in Louisiana and the preview clearly shows a pissed-off alligator. Their first foraging experiment was a total bust and their water supplies are perilously low but it is this “hands-on” conflict scenario that has raised the bar on this season’s entertainment factor. Reading the blurb for next week’s episode three, it states very plainly that the colonists are attacked on a foraging run. This seems like an ongoing struggle for our intrepid, yet thoughtless, bunch and if the first episode’s slobberknocker is any indication, someone (if not several someone’s) are going to get seriously hurt. All that, plus will anyone exhibit any smarts like Retired Contractor Robert? Is hot model Becka good for anything but the obvious? Will Industrial Artist George get lynched by his own people for thinking this is all a vacation? Will God-loving carpenter Jim give away all their supplies as he’s tried to do thus far? Is God-fearing Jim at all bothered by his remorseless fighting style and willingness to utilize it? Does Foreman Reno really think he’s impressing anyone with his blatant attempts to look “macho” and “in control” in front of Becka and Mechanic Sally? These questions, and many more, will be answered on the next episode of The Colony.

Do yourself a favor and watch television tonight. If the last year is any indication, both NXT and The Colony will continue to blaze the way with quality programming and events that resonate much later (and in the case of NXT, define Monday Night programming as well). They both promote conversation (and you will converse for hours about both shows) and we could all think of worse things we could be doing for two hours. A quick flip through the cable dial will also help you make the right choice. The quality choice. NXT and The Colony. You don’t know what you’re missing.

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