Bedroom transformation: A guide for bedroom lovers

We’re often worried about other rooms than bedroom, because all we do is just sleep there. But for some people bedroom is the most ultimate place. 

Think about your Color scheme—changing the Color scheme is a really easy but effective way to give any room the transformation it deserves. From wall paint to curtains to scattered decor, everything can play a role in the Color of your room. For summer, some great Color schemes to consider include:

Cream with bright and vivid Color effects—White or cream is always a good Color choice, but to really match the summer vibe it looks amazing when you add bright and vibrant Colors to a room. These stains of Color may be on throw cushions or wall prints.

Theme is very important in bedrooms 

Light, white and airy—a great proposition for summer, especially due to the weather. The bright, white and airy interior of the room makes everything more calming and still and also provides a clean basis for bedroom design. To make a white room more interesting, mix it with different textures and materials.

Soothing blues—if you love the soothing blue and it is the perfect choice for a summer bedroom transformation. Of course, blue is associated with the blue of the sky and the sea – both the dominant features of summer and blue are also an extremely soothing Color. This design can also be completed with a grey couch.

Choose a theme for your summer bedroom transformation—In addition to the Color scheme, you can also opt for the entire theme of your summer bedroom transformation. Think of a marine, coastal, tropical or Moroccan themed interior that are great options for the summer! Crafting an entire summer bedroom transformation theme can be fun and really give you creative juices!

Tips if you need to make changes 

Home decor for bedroom transformation—In addition to big things like furniture, floors, walls and windows, small pieces of metal Homedecorationcan also make a huge difference in transforming your bedroom this summer. And let’s face it, we ALL love buying home furnishings, so this part of the transformation process can be really fun. Depending on the Color scheme and / or theme, you can think of things like prints, plants, trinkets, lanterns, ornaments, crystals, books, large  nice wall clocks  etc. to add decor to your bedroom.

The floor is everything—the floor in your room can have such an influence on the theme and the atmosphere it exudes. A really dark floor — though it looks extremely elegant and refined – doesn’t scream at me in summer. However, a white wood or distressed wood floor can be beautifully transformed into a beach-themed room that is perfect for summer. They also make the room brighter and more airy – perfect if your bedroom is small.

Don’t forget about the practical aspects—lastly, it’s so easy to get into design and interior when transforming a room with metal wall art , but don’t forget about the practicalities of summer as well. It’s very unlikely you’ll need lots of fluffy bedspreads and blankets when it’s so hot outside in the summer and cold in the winter. It’s also worth making extra space (if you can) for a fan or air conditioner, and maybe covers it so that it doesn’t become an eyesore.