This is the “About Us” page.  What you should know about us right now is that we didn’t like our previous “About Us” page.  I personally disliked it so much that I refuse to use it any longer.  We are in the process of coming up with a far better “about Us” page.  I’d prefer this page remain empty, void of content, rather than have you be subjected to the idiotic blather that was our former “About Us” page.  That says something about us.

Austin Books Sidekick Store Final Days
Located at 5400 North Lamar here in sunny Austin (formerly Laboratory Computers), the Sidekick Store has become the clearing house for Austin Books' overwhelming amount of back issues.
Noboru Iguchi returns to Fantastic Fest
... a movie about parasite ass zombies is pretty much right up my alley and Zombie Ass will be making it's World Premier at Fantastic Fest this year...
Fantastic Fest Announces Sell-Out!
Fantastic Fest almost sold out - Daytime badges still available.