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Cast A Deadly Spell is just the right balance of supernatural strangeness and detective thrills, set in a world just different enough from ours yet strangely familiar.
Cast A Deadly Spell
Do yourself a favor and watch one of the most underrated and tremendously enjoyable television series that no one ever saw.
Surface (2005-2006)
You'll never in a million years believe it but the biggest crack addiction to hit the Xbox 360 this year is the relaunch of the SSX snowboard game and I don't think it's too early at all to start hyping it's Game of the Year status.
SSX 2012
by Tron
March 08, 2012
While listening to Severance I can hear the dedication, talent and patience that the band put forth in making such a fantastic debut album.
The Devil Rides: Severance
Austin Books Sidekick Store Final Days
Located at 5400 North Lamar here in sunny Austin (formerly Laboratory Computers), the Sidekick Store has become the clearing house for Austin Books' overwhelming amount of back issues.
Noboru Iguchi returns to Fantastic Fest
... a movie about parasite ass zombies is pretty much right up my alley and Zombie Ass will be making it's World Premier at Fantastic Fest this year...
Fantastic Fest Announces Sell-Out!
Fantastic Fest almost sold out - Daytime badges still available.
Fantastic Fest 2012 Second Half Reviews
So, there you go. Another year down and a ton of new stuff for you monkeys to look forward to. Only 1 more year until the next Fantastic Fest and I can hardly wait. Thanks for reading!!
Fantastic Fest 2012 First Half Reviews
Another Fantastic Fest has ended and I have slowly acclimated myself back into normal human affairs so once again you can be bored/delighted in my re-cap of the largest genre festival in the United States.
Almost 2000 words on Horror
In preperation for his annual Halloween Horrorfest, Tron's been watching horror... documentaries.